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Driven by the aging of the Baby Boomer population, we are on the verge of an explosion in the number of older Americans. Sarcopenia and functional decline is an under-recognized health care challenge that affects millions of older Americans and results in a diminished quality of life for loved ones, at a cost of millions of dollars to our nation’s health care system – and these numbers will only continue to climb. The AIM Coalition believes that we have the ability to move forward on promising research that will improve the lives and preserve the independence of Americans as they grow older. AIM is committed to working with a diverse group of stakeholders – including AIM members – to press forward for greater awareness, research and innovation in these areas.

We need your voice to help spread the word for the need and promise of treatments around sarcopenia! The success of the AIM Coalition depends on the involvement of a diverse group of stakeholder organizations. Please join us in making the acceleration of treatment for sarcopenia and functional decline a national priority.

Tell others about AIM and its mission

The more people know about the facts around sarcopenia and functional decline, the more impact we will have as we push forward to open doors in these areas. Please feel free to use any of these materials to both learn more about the issues and to share the work of AIM with others:

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We encourage you to link to the AIM site using one of these links – just copy the HTML below and paste it into your web site. Alternately, feel free to create your own link and point it toward http://www.aginginmotion.org/.

  • “Aging In Motion: Advancing research and treatment of sarcopenia and age-related functional decline”
  • “We support the AIM Coalition for greater research and treatment of sarcopenia and age-related functional decline.”
  • “Support greater research and innovation around sarcopenia and age-related functional decline – join AIM!”

Feel free to link to the AIM logo or use it in printed materials:

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In addition to our own activities, we hope that AIM members can help to spread the word about the Coalition’s work. Use the information posted in any of the links listed above as a jumping off point for your own blog post, news article or newsletter.

Please feel free to print any of our materials for your Annual Meetings, Board Meetings, etc., including the logo, or to request materials from the Alliance for Aging Research at [email protected]

Blurb about AIM for use in your newsletter:

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